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This will be my monthly budget breakdown if I am to attempt  to move out on my own on a CNA salary:
  1. Rent = $1,000/mo 1BDRM Apartment.
  2. Food = $400/mo or $100/wk Grocery shopping and/or eating out.
  3. Transportation = $80/mo for MTA Metrocard.
  4. Cable/Home Phone/Internet package = $100
  5. Cell Phone =$80
TOTAL Monthly expenses = $1,660
Is this doable on a CNA salary? Am I missing anything from my budget equation?
Do you guys have any advce/suggestions for me since if I go through with this, this will be the first time I'm moving out on my own??

* I have decided that I wont attempt this until I've secured a job for at least 6 mos as a CNA- so I know its a stable one. Unless of course, things are that bad.

Until then:

1. I'm going to keep myself busy to avoid family problems at home.
2. Be frugal and save as much as possible.

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Apr. 21st, 2009 01:08 am (UTC)
Make sure to leave room for incidentials like medicine, dr. visits, a new pair of shoes if something happens to your, also for some fun. You need a little fun now and again. I live with my fiance and we are basically living pay check to pay check right now. I moved out due to similar family circumstances, so we just get by. My fiance is geting a better job soon so it won't be as hard, but it is difficult. You're lucky you don't have to deal with a car though...that gets expensive! Oh, and don't forget renter's insurance, it's a must and the down payment and anything related to pets if you have one.
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Apr. 21st, 2009 11:47 am (UTC)
I know, I am not sure what my salary will be.

That was just a list of the cost of living on my own. In other words, that was a summary of my expenses. I will need to make at least $1,600-$2,000 a month to be able to live on my own as a CNA.

I have considered that as well- a roommate.

But the thing is, I am going to make sure I have $12,000 saved up to cover rent costs for the year I'm in LPN school- at the very least $12,000 so that I don't have to work as much. $20,000 saved would be ideal- so that other costs such as transportation will be covered for the year of LPN school as well.

This means I will have to work as a CNA for a year living at home before I can even think of moving out. I think I will just save alot of money for a "rainy day" and don't attempt to move out until I know I have gotten into LPN school or after I become an LPN if I can hold out that long.

I like the earlier suggestion I got- to keep myself busy and out of the house this way I wont run into family problems. Maybe if I can hold out long enough to finish LPN school, I can avoid being home by studying all night at Barnes and Noble?
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